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Discussion on the topic "Striking The Right Balance: The Ideal Modern Working Woman" with 

1st August, 2020 - 4:30PM

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The first session of Elysian Talks 2.0 was graced by the presence of our esteemed guest Dr Manimala Roy who is an educationist, an economist and the Principal of Basava International School, Delhi. She shared her own experiences and insights on the topic of discussion  “Striking the right balance: The Ideal modern working women”.

Supported by her own opinions and observations, she put forth the importance and considerate need for minor adjustments by everybody in the near circle of working women, which would in turn help working women in striking the right balance between the multiplicities of life. As opined by her, life is a tight rope and working women can highly benefit from prioritizing various activities and understanding that one cannot do everything.  She discussed wide-ranging topics of household problems and domestic violence to the personal importance of a workplace for women. Another very important point was that men need to be sensitized to help women at the domestic level, they should learn the daily tasks of cooking, cleaning and washing so that they can support when required. She also suggested ideas like devoting weekends for family time, having at least two family trips in a year and cutting down on futile activities, for maintaining a healthy relationship with your family while being upfront at work. She also guided that by being tactful, resourceful and hopeful women sure can strike the right balance and become ideal working women.

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