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Discussion on topic "How to overcome pubescent's pressure" with Dr Atul Sharma

14th August, 2020 - 4:30PM


I’m missing out. Or am I?

Overcoming Pubescents Pressure

Oh, those new pair of fresh Nikes, that iPhone 11 pro max or just that trip to the Caribbean your friend took last month. You may genuinely be happy for the person but the devil inside all of us at some point in time always wants what some other person has no matter what. It’s almost as if a force is pushing you to pursue it with tunnel-vision. This insecurity or even the fear of missing out (commonly referred to as FOMO) within us is a result of Pubescents pressure.
Dr Atul Sharma discusses with us in this webinar on how much people these days are inclined towards impressing people they may not even like instead of focusing on their own happiness and fulfilment. In this webinar, Dr Atul elaborates on how materialistic desires are shaping a majority of people and how it is affecting their quality of life. He discusses how people should look into themselves and figure out what it is they truly desire. He emphasises that how one could attain a similar or even a higher form of happiness by keeping their fitness levels at peak, spending time with loved ones. We have heard about all of these but then Dr Atul describes his formula for attaining happiness which surprisingly is very accurate. Intrigued? So was I.
Now, what are you waiting for? Go and watch this AMAZING webinar hosted by the Elysian team and thank us later.

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