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Discussion on topic "Competition law in emerging economies" with Adv. Bharat Budholia

29th August, 2020 - 5:00PM



Competition law is a law that promotes or seeks to maintain market competition by regulating anti-competitive conduct by companies. Competition law is implemented through public and private enforcement. Competition law is known as antitrust law in the United States, and as anti-monopoly law in China and Russia. It has been known as trade practices law in the United Kingdom and Australia. As the need for competition law arises in developing countries with emerging economies like India, it also brings in the need for qualified lawyers and corporate personnel.

Keeping this in mind, The Elysian’s latest talk welcomed Adv. Bharat Budholia from AZB Law Firm, Mumbai to deliver an interactive session on Competition Law in Emerging Economies.

Welcoming the chief guest, the faculty convener opened the session by expressing her gratitude and praising the hard-working team of Elysian.

She marked the release of the First Edition of the digital magazine by quoting a beautiful couplet “the day is mine to mar or make, God keep me strong and true”, as she urged us all to seize the day and take the pandemic in our stride.

Along with his many accolades, Mr. Budholia was also the man behind obtaining an unconditional merger for Sony Pictures acquiring Ten Sports Network.

Promising an interesting and interactive session, Mr. Budholia opened by talking about the rise of competition law in emerging economies in the last twenty years. He dwelled further into the topic by explaining the need for this law and the exploitation in the absence of it.

Advocating for the cause of liberalization, he also illustrated the problems it might bring. Giving varied examples from everyday life, Mr. Budholia succeeded in explaining complex concepts and laws to an audience largely made up of aspiring lawyers and law enthusiasts.

Talking about how to eliminate competition in the market and increase product value, the illustrious lawyer wove in the jurisdiction of specific laws, their exemptions and the importance in ensuring just market practices.

To conclude a robust and diverse session, Mr. Budholia answered questions from the audience and accepted the host’s gratitude on conducting this session and expressed his own on getting the opportunity.

Parting on the wish to unite for more sessions like this, it is safe to say that this one proved to be a success.

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