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Discussion on topic "Challenges writers face in today's literary world" with Mr. Shaurya Arya Kanojia

1st August, 2020 - 4:30PM


Can’t think anymore?? Challenges faced by a writer’s in today’s literary world


We’ve all been there – it’s raining, you have a good mug of coffee ready, you’ve gotten your diary out, it’s the ideal day to write – but you have a writer’s block! And you’ve tried everything you could find on Google to help it, from doing the most tedious tactic like going for a hike, to the simplest like sleeping on it, but nothing seems to be working. Moreover, this isn’t the most challenging part you go through as a writer; there is always the challenge of losing track of the plot or losing interest or even the fear of being an absolute cliché.


Mr Shaurya Arya Kanojia, the author of “End of the Rope”, a psychological thriller novella, talks to us about his personal experiences and also the challenges that are faced by writers in today’s literary scenario. Whether it may be how not to lose track of your writing or explain how it’s natural for a piece of you to be reflected in your writing, even if your previous readings influence it, he also gives his professional advice on publishing via a publishing house or doing it all by yourself. This webinar is a very enriching and fun experience for all budding writers, and if nothing else, it will make you want to try your hand at writing!

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