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Discussion on topic "Malnutrition and obesity: The dietetic conundrum" with Dr Shweta Gupta

23rd August, 2020 - 4:30PM


Malnutrition, and Obesity. Either end of a stick and everything in between

Just as the gates to our houses slammed shut as soon as lockdown amidst COVID-19 hit, so did everything else in our lives. All too many of us ended up treating it as the long vacation that we never had and probably never will. Staying indoors for such a long period gave ample time for lethargy to set in. The larger part of this time was spent binge-watching the series that we could never find the time for, playing Ludo with the entire family and of course, eating and drinking literally whatever came into sight. Who knew all along, the Kgs’ on the weighing scale were slowly but surely going up and suddenly you cannot fit into your favourite polo shirt? While contrasting to this, the poor section of the society cannot seem to find jobs which quite literally translates to no food, shelter or just about anything. The larger section of these people has sadly become victim to malnutrition.
Mrs Shweta Gupta, who has been a practising nutritionist for many years, is the special guest we had invited this time in one of the webinars. She enlightens us on the importance of following a healthy & balanced diet plan pairing it with sufficient exercise. She emphasised on how people complicate things more than they need to when it comes to their diets. She also explained in the webinar about how people have lost touch with their physical well-being during this lockdown period and on how one can get back on track. Many other controversial topics such as get slim quick schemes to use of unnatural substances such as steroids to frequent transformations and vegan diets. All of these and more were discussed in the webinar.
Anyone who watches this webinar is undoubtedly bound to take home some very crucial tips which will help them out get to their physical goals.

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