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Discussion on topic "Corruption disguised as law: A look at women's position in the field.

5th August, 2020 - 4:30PM


Corruption disguised as law: The woman’s perspective


In our day to day life or just in a deep dark corner in our minds, don’t we all feel that a select but very powerful few have corrupted the law system? Whether we like it or not, this is something that STILL exists not only in India but throughout the world.  It may be the dreaded caste system or the more apparent issue of gender inequality in all aspects of life. 
Introducing Advocate Kiran Bhardwaj, who takes up this controversial issue in which she discusses such sensitive issues, how they are affecting us in a global standpoint and also backs them up with the potential solutions on how to get rid of them and rectify them in the long-term. She dives into the history of how women have been suppressed throughout the ages and discusses how politics is shaping the current scenario. Various acts relating to women’s rights are discussed in brief and how they contain certain provisions in them which seem insignificant at first glance but could help someone achieve rightful justice and very much easily send a female citizen’s life tumbling down the hill.
The sheer amount of issues discussed in this webinar will most definitely force you to look at things in a very different light and will leave you stunned. 

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