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Discussion on the topic "Life Story Of A Man In Uniform" with Col. H.S.Sethi

14th August 2021 - 12:00PM




Col HS Sethi, a retired official from the Indian Army, joined us for our second webinar of the Elysian talks 2.0. As a member of the Indian Army, his love for our nation has been evident right from his childhood till date. He has always believed the key to respect one's nation is to abide by the principle "Service before Self"

 As a child, he wished to join the Army, be it as a doctor, engineer, or anything else. He wished to wear the uniform of the courageous Indian Army.

In the second webinar of Elysian talks, he spoke about how the Army is different from his time and how some changes have been made for the better. Bringing to light the indispensable support the engineers provide, he delved into the efforts that went into educating himself to join the Army.

He proudly shared about how he designed the R & R Hospital in New Delhi, which is one of the best Army hospitals in the country, catering to the chiefs of the defence forces and the President as well. 

He described how the present generation, Gen Z has a lot to learn, and the first step is to distance themselves from electronics and come out of their comfort zones. Further, he spoke on the differences between city life and military life. The key difference is the genuineness in the military versus the politics and secrecy in the corporate world. 

Sir's richness of experience proved to be enlightening for us. He inspired the youth and instilled the spirit of patriotism in all of us. 

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