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Discussion on topic "Surviving the lockdown and preparing for post-corona era" with Dr. Shalabh Kumar

8th August, 2020 - 4:30PM


Surviving the lockdown and preparing for the Post-Corona Era

For the past four months, all of us could talk only about one thing – Corona. Even though this is not the first time a pandemic has hit humanity, it is one of the worst. But what keeps us going is how we stay busy, and we’ve tried it all; be it joining in various trends or rekindle long-forgotten connections or trying out the DIYs you always thought of doing “when you had the time” or something as simple as spending an extra hour with your family playing ludo. Amidst all of this there is one question which has been on everyone’s mind, what is the new normal going to be like?


Dr Shalabh Kumar, a maxillofacial surgeon, gives us his understanding of the current pandemic, a few simple yet implementable tips on how to make the lockdown period more bearable, while also telling us all the changes we should expect in the upcoming months and even years. From the simplest things like having a routine to spending some time to introspect; Dr Kumar talks about the importance of indulging in positive habits and working on one’s self. This isn’t like all other webinars, with complicated stats and ambiguous medical terms. Instead, it is an eye-opener and believes it or not, the webinar will get over and leave you wanting for more!

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