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Every Saturday at 6PM

 on Instagram

The Elysian of English Literary Society of Amity Law School, Noida, U.P. takes pride in providing a platform that is an open and welcoming space for people to express their passion and talents in front of a live audience. This happens through the weekly “Open-mic sessions” which are conducted on Instagram and Facebook Live every Saturday and Sunday respectively. These interactive and fun sessions are based on a diverse set of topics to fill in your weekends with youthful experiences and stories. Till now, the Elysian has hosted several skilled students who are passionate musicians, singers, songwriters, guitarists, poets, and effective social contributors. Through such interactions, the Elysian aims to spread the goodwill of such people and to seek out to the audience and followers. During the pride month, we got to interact with student leaders of queer collectives of the Jamia University and Hindu College. They shared their views and opinions on the intricacies of queer identities, the take on intersectionality, the expression of diverse identities, the picture in popular media and the need for sensitizing people. To provide a platform is to motivate thousands watching, which holds out true for the extremely beautiful performances on the open mic sessions of The Elysian.

The seemingly diverse nature of the topics helps us weave together fun, expression and deliberation into a valuable live session for everybody. Whether it is valuing mental health or listening to a heartfelt Shayari, the open mic sessions will keep you engaged on your weekends for positive knowledge and fun. Do not forget to join us live, every weekend for a dose of nostalgia or maybe a beautifully composed song.

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