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~Sonal Gupta

VIII Semester, BA.LLB (Prog.), Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, India (Symbiosis International (deemed) University, Pune)

In the dark woods with shadowed light;

Lying under the dusky penumbra like a ‘Dark Night’;

Wrecked as an empty bottle, with the tantrums so might,

Alas! Bawling for the unveil; as my life has died.

I crawl, creep through the woods so dark;

In search of an ‘Ablaze’ like beams so bright,

Cause, I dream to hold my freedom right.

Being true, I own my Rights like Other(s);

Which is devastated by my many brothers?

Drifting through the wilds, crossing through rains’;

Exhausted to make them recognize my name,

Stood Up, I brushed myself in search of an ‘Ablaze’

I jumped, as I viewed a door which will praise,

Higgledy-Piggledy I knocked on the doors,

Claiming for my privacy to be locked.

The door was knocked thrice, to victor upon my rights,

Merrily joying the win of the battle of my rights;

Ignorant of being gnashed by the dirty frowns,

Busted with pins of disgrace, being colourless;

I again sustained, to paint my name,

Finally, rejoiced to welcome my rights,

Running azure, holding my freedom right.

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