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Before It's Too Late

~Eesha Vij

Law Student

Manipal University Jaipur

Those braided hair,

and bright-hued drapes,

All attract me like a moth drawn to the flame.

Experience the age-old customs recollected by the old dame;

Where lies our roots? Where are those days?

The place where everyone proudly belonged to a name.

Our tribes, our pride, our cultural hypes;

Is what makes us stand tall with human rights!

Let’s conserve, let’s restate!

All the knowledge that is out there to preserve.

Because once it's lost, life will never be the same,

As the clauses stating “customs and usages” will be in vain

And who will tame the democracy-named game?

Alas! All that is left will be shame on our generation’s name.

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