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Busting Gender Partisanship!

~Riya Gulati

Paralegal at Law Offices of Caro Kinsella & Youth Ambassador for the ONE Campaign, Ireland

Women are the special gift of the Almighty,

But unfortunately, they are not treated with honour by our society.

They are exploited in number of ways,

The agony of which always stays.

Universally, majority of women have undergone some type of abuse,

Just because she suffers in silence, don’t consider it as a weakness and mark it as an excuse!

When it comes to equal opportunity and wage,

We forget to remind ourselves that we are living in a modern age.

Women are usually considered inferior to men,

Nevertheless, she can carry multiple tasks like a zen.

She is the one who can make a house as a home,

Which can be as pleasant as a foam.

The origin of a child is a woman, therefore, respecting her is our prime religion.

Women empowerment is crucial for the nation’s development.

Hence, we must encourage her to be more independent.

There is a need to cut-off the persisting unpleasant rife,

And give her an equal status so that she can be the sole hero of her life.

Women are great, women are selfless,

Now it’s our turn to ensure their wellness!

“People of quality do revere gender parity”

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