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In Blood And Glory

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

~by Debapriya Biswas

A vast nation with no flag of its own, Yet people died to free its honour; In a land colonised and ruled by many, Still stood men like Bose refusing to bow. Among the people begging for freedom, He stood up to bruise the colonizer's unjustified hold; With his own blood and sweat, He spread awareness and power among his fellow souls. Despite the public trials and their false justifications, Came in the mutiny and hope for freedom; The glory and fire of Bose and his army, Paved the way for India towards its independence. Promising freedom in exchange for blood and sacrifice, Bose made good of a promise he couldn't see the end of; A man of his word that he was, Fearlessly fought for the land he saw as his own. His sacrifices while not read much in books, Nor much-celebrated across the nation as others; But many still do remember his name and glory, Forever thanking him for the freedom he couldn't come home to celebrate. He was the first to teach us to stand firm, First to show us how to brave; Even without any false pedestal or a large name, He will forever remain in the freedom of this nation and its turn of events.

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