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Letter to Mahatma Gandhi

~By Siddhanth Srikanth

Mahatma- a great soul- is that what Gandhi is?

Even when we know he shrouded pedophilia as ascesis?

Even when Malawi activists started #GandhiMustFall,

As evidence came to light, of him comparing POC to animals?

Gandhi ji, it’s 2021.The world is still filled with bigots aplenty,

Including casteists, misogynists, and pseudo-cognoscenti.

The only difference between them and you is that they are overtly bogan;

They don’t hide behind the false facade of “equality for all” slogans.

I know you called Dalits the children of God,

But is that why you patronize them?

Or is it because of all the guilt you feel

From enabling the Hindu caste system?

Believe me when I say- I’m not the only one

That sees the self-serving bigot beneath the masquerade you don.

Arundhati Roy, in 2020, agreed that your “campaign

against untouchability” was but an effort to feign

support for the lower castes that your own religion denounced.

But, “Hindu Society is founded on the caste system”, you laid down.

So then, we can safely assume, that behind this charade

Was a man who is nothing but a Hindu defilade.

This letter would be incomplete if

I failed to express my solicitude

For all the underage and defenceless women

Who were repeatedly molested by you.

Non-contact sexual activity was the daily norm

All for you to “practice” maintaining a chaste form;

Gandhi ji, you may have offered a hand in India’s freedom struggle.

But do not, for even a moment, believe that you are cardinal.

As the youth of this nation, I feel chagrined by the thought

That our history is tainted by a spurious inkblot.

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