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Webinar on the Topic : Normalising PCOS and Reproductive care for women.

The reproductive and sexual health of women has long been taboo in our country. As our humble attempt to challenge this perennial stigma, we, at The Elysian, hosted a webinar titled- The Female Scenario: Normalising PCOS and Reproductive Care for Women, where we interviewed a young start-up, noni ( ), which is on a journey to revolutionize telemedicine market in India by prioritising women and their autonomy. In earlier times the role of a woman was just being confined to the four walls of the house, the role so far has shifted significantly. You are not just a mother, or a daughter or a wife, but a colleague, a boss, what we are trying to imply is that being a woman is not easy. You don’t walk but you run at pace with your male counterparts while balancing your work and personal life lest it all falls apart. Being a young woman comes with its own set of problems, so many so, that it is would be difficult to enumerate them. In such a fast-paced world, taking care of one's own health sometimes takes a backseat; the cases of the overall decline in women’s health have increased manifold in the past decades. Young girls are facing hormonal problems, and chronic deficiency of iron et cetera; thus, attending this webinar was enlightening to not just me but all the women out there who are struggling with similar issues. The webinar focused on normalising PCOS and promoting reproductive health. India has had a history where sexual and reproductive health has always been taboo, a hush-hush scenario where young girls find themselves completely uninformed and unprepared for what awaits them. Mothers shy from telling their daughters about their experiences, friends are equally clueless, and God forbid visiting a gynaecologist is elitist. Thus, half-baked knowledge is attained from the internet and is interpreted in a completely and utterly daft fashion. is a platform for such young girls to have their questions answered, it is a start-up that aims to revolutionise the telemedicine market in India by having a women-centric approach. So, it can be said that all is not bad, this would be the first step, in addressing such issues that are usually left in the background, unnoticed. And its not just young women who would benefit from it, even women who seem to have lived a significant chunk of their life find themselves confused at times by their own anatomy. Reproductive health doesn’t stop at just menarche, or intercourse, menopause and how to deal with it is quickly baffling. It is thus that platforms like are a need of the hour, for women of all ages, for women from all walks.

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