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Discussion on topic "Stability of mental health during lockdown" with Dr. Gargi Vishnoi.

17th August, 2020 - 4:30PM


Are you going crazy?! Stability of mental health during the lockdown


Mid-march,2020. This is one date that will go down in history as the time when the entire world shut down. A drastic change in everyone’s’ lifestyle bought around significant positive AND negative modifications in most of our life. Some of us decided to use the lockdown as an opportunity and improve ourselves whether it may be losing those extra kilos or learning to play the guitar that has been collecting dust in your room or read that book that you never got around to or something as simple as growing our hair and the ‘CORONA’ beard out because, well we can. At the same time, some of us are just filled with anger because of the sudden restrictions and are turning to a somewhat toxic lifestyle that will not get us anywhere.

Then there were a few of us who were left in a confused state.

Dr Gargi Vishnoi, an expert on human psychological behaviour, gives us her in-depth views on how the current lockdown situation has psychologically affected most of us and what are the actual backings of such action. Whether it may be a feeling of alienation to managing the ‘apparently new’ long-term relationship with our girlfriend/boyfriend to supposed mental problems and depression, she also gives us her professional advice on how to cope up with these issues. This isn’t your typical “BRO-SCIENCE”, so you will for sure get a new perspective on such topics. In this webinar, the vast number of issues discussed here is an eye-opener and rest assured; you’ll be glued to the discussion right up until the end.

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