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Conversation with Adv. Tariq Khan on "Section 34 of the Arbitration Act : Setting aside an Arbitral award and the Court's power of modification"

28th Aug 2021

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Conversation with Adv. Sanjay K Chadha on "White Collar Crimes in India and tracing their origin to India's Caste Hierarchy"

25th Aug 2021

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Conversation with Col. H. S. Sethi on

"Life of a Man in Uniform"

14th Aug 2021

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Conversation with Dr. Manimala Roy on "Striking The Right Balance : The Ideal Modern Working Women"

7th Aug 2021


Conversation with Dr. Shweta Gupta on "Malnutrition & Obesity: The Diabetic Conundrum"

23rd Aug 2020


Conversation with Mr. Sumit Pande on "Misinformation and Disinformation During a Pandemic"

20th Aug 2020


Conversation with Dr. Atul Sharma on "How to Overcome Pubescents Pressure"

14th Aug 2020


Conversation with Dr. Urvashi Sabu on "Is Stagnation of Literature Caused by Our Current Education System?"

11th Aug 2020


Conversation with Adv. Kiran Bhardwaj on "Corruption Disguised as Law: A Look at Women's Position in the Field"

5th Aug 2020


Conversation with Mr. Shaurya Arya Kanojia on "Challenges Writers Face in Today's Literary World"

1st Aug 2020

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Conversation with Sparsh Upadhay on "Decline of Hindi Language on the Public Front"

21st Aug 2021


Conversation with Adv. Bharat Budholia on "Competition Law in emerging Economies"

29th Aug 2020


Conversation with Dr. Gargi Vishnoi on "Stability of Mental Health During Lockdown"

17th Aug 2020


Conversation with Dr. Shalabh Kumar on "Surviving the Lockdown and Preparing the Post Corona Era"

8th Aug 2020

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